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for companies and legal persons

About us

We are a Customs Agency operating on the market since 2012. Our company is made of specialized team which provide you with professional and comprehensive assistance in all cases relating to customs clearance.

The functioning of our Customs Agency is closely related to the activities of customs offices. Our task is to represent both the importer or the exporter before the customs office as well as support the customs officers themselves in their tasks. Our employees are customs officers holding state licenses granting this profession, who have many years of experience working at the border, and in particular in drawing up customs documents and representation of entrepreneurs before the customs and tax office.

Major processes at our agency are:

  • customer service
  • constant contact with the customer
  • customs clearance
  • collection of documents necessary for customs clearance
  • cooperation with customs and tax office
  • carry out additional checks related to clearance (examining documents, carrying out customs reviews, supervising documents, supervision of office equipment, security)
Throughout the chain of import and export of goods we are the first contact with the entrepreneur. We will inform you about the necessary documents, requirements and the applicable customs regulations that have to be completed. The next step, based on the documents received from the trader, is to prepare a customs declaration that we forward for verification and approval by the Customs.

Professional customer service and professional check-in at the customer-specified customs procedure while maintaining honesty, confidentiality and attractive prices is our highest priority.


On July 6, 2017, agreements were signed between the ZMPD,and customs agencies, among others. with the consulting agency Trans-Świecka.
The subject of the agreement is the preparation and sending of pre-declaration TIR-EPD by customs agencies on behalf of carriers. Under the agreement, the agencies have committed themselves to providing TIR Carnet holders with competitive pricing terms for services rendered using IRU TIR-EPD applications.
At the same time, we remind you that the amount and timing of the incentive payment to carriers for each properly used and refunded TIR carnet is subject to the use of the IRIR TIR-EPD application. By applying the TIR-EPD application, the carrier will receive higher incentives and in less time.
We encourage you to use the application yourself or through the recommended customs agencies.

Sample documents:



We invite you to make customs clearance at our Customs Agency.

Long-term experience of our staff guarantees you well-made transit service for drivers and carriers.

Customs clearance

Our customs clearance offer includes:

  • Comprehensive organization of export and transit customs clearance
  • Preparation of TIR-EPD declaration
  • Filling in TIR Carnet, CMR documents
  • Representing companies before customs authority
  • Preparing and submitting on behalf of the client appeals to the Customs Office
  • Customs consultancy
  • Preparation of customs guarantees

Simplified procedure

The benefits of using the simplified procedure:

  • Shorten customs clearance time – average time about 1 hour
  • Possibility of minimizing transportation costs including by eliminating stopovers and parking costs,
  • possibility of making export and transit customs outside working hours of the customs office
  • The possibility of rational supply planning
  • possibility of faster execution of customer orders,
  • the ability to accurately prepare documents
  • Improving work efficiency and better organization

We have a certificate

PL AEOC 410000170037

We have been awarded a special AEO certificate, which emphasizes the high quality of our company’s services and full compliance with our customs regulations and the functioning of the agency as a full partner of the Customs and Revenue Office.


document preparation in transit procedure,

TIR Carnet,CMR, NCTS, EPI Declaration on BY/RU/KZ



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